Our climate is changing, and communities all over the world are struggling to keep pace with it.

Drought, famine, flood, and other major environmental shifts put human lives at risk. As the climate worsens and the humanitarian cost grows, communities become unstable, leading to civil wars, terrorist attacks, and refugee crises. Already we’ve seen the human cost of climate change in Syria, Ethopia, Somalia, Sudan, and Lybia. Even in the United States, climate change is costing billions in increased wildfire activity, crop failure, and the spread of tropical diseases.

That's why we're creating CCIA

Climate Change Intelligent Aide (CCIA) is designed to help people in communities threatened by climate change answer three questions:


How is our climate changing?

For people outside North America and Europe, there's almost no hard data about the specific ways the local climate and environment are changing. CCIA collects and tracks this data. 


What does it mean?

 With access to data, communities can begin to track the changes they're experiencing. With a sense of past and present changes, they can begin to develop a sense of how the climate will change for them in the future.


what can we do about it?

Once communities understand how the climate is likely to continue changing, they plan for the future. Rather than reacting to climate change, they can take proactive steps to protect themselves.

Hardware. Software. Sensors. Intelligence.

CCIA combines recycled hardware with specialized software and environmental monitoring sensors to gather climate intelligence.


Using the various onboard sensors, communities will use CCIA to track a wide variety of climate metrics, including water, air, and soil quality. All the information tracked by a CCIA module will be uploaded to the internet so communities can see and understand their climate data in real time.


Recycled Components: Small Cost, Big Impact

CCIA uses recycled hardware components to reduce costs and minimize it's environmental impact


What's the point of monitoring the environment if your efforts only make things worse? We'll work with computer hardware recyclers near our offices in Gladstone, Oregon to source components for CCIA that still have useful life ahead of them. This means that every CCIA unit is both recycled and locally sourced.

Additionally, working with recycled hardware is cheaper than buying new or used systems. This low upfront cost will allow us to offer systems at prices low enough for struggling communities, maximizing the glboal impact.


Affordable. Scalable. Durable.

CCIA is designed for the field: affordable for small communities, scalable to track just what you need, durable for outdoor use


Whether you want to track the environment to feed your curiosity or to plan your community's next agricultural moves, CCIA is an affordable solution. You can scale its monitoring up or down to answer your questions, and it's durable enough to survive outdoors while it tracks the changes you're interested in.



Support us through Indiegogo

Building CCIA is our dream. We’ve already performed initial tests, and now we want to expand our development and testing efforts.

We need your support to develop the prototype hardware and software systems. Using these prototypes, we’ll create an international testbed for the systems and establish a global marketplace for climate change intelligent aide tool systems.

Please contribute to our campaign, and share it with your friends. Together, we’ll help communities around the world fight climate change on their own terms.